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SharePoint Online Reporting and Auditing Tool

by Kathy Cooper

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Get 180+ SharePoint Online reports along with visually appealing smart dashboards. This SharePoint Online management tool provides insights about auditing, analytics, usage statistics, security, etc.

You don’t need to struggle with PowerShell cmdlets like Get-SPOSite, Get-SPOUser, Get-SPOExternalUser, Get-SPOSiteGroup to generate SharePoint Online reports. With this tool, you can get the required reports with just a few mouse clicks.

You can Download the tool by clicking here.

SharePoint Online Reporting Dashboards:

AdminDroid offers 30+ smart dashboards to know about your Microsoft 365 organization at a glance. Additionally, each report provides AI-powered graphical analysis to gain insights and better understand the data in a visually appealing manner. The below dashboards help you to get a quick view about your SharePoint online environment.

SharePoint Online Reporting dashboardSharePoint Online reporting tool

SharePoint Online auditing tool

SharePoint Online monitoring tool

SharePoint Online Auditing Tool – Capabilities Highlights:

This SharePoint Online auditing report tool comes with advanced reporting capabilities which make tedious reporting task to an easier one.

  • Automatic Schedule – Schedule one or more reports to run automatically at the configured time and delivered straight to your preferred mail-ids.
  • Multi-tenant Support – Easily manage multiple office 365 tenants from a single window.
  • AI-powered Graphical Analytics – Get insights into any report and understand the data better in a visually appealing manner.
  • Advanced Alerts – Identify new risks and unusual activities through 1400+ Microsoft 365 activities.
  • Rich Filters – Apply filter on any columns to see only the required information and save the filter for future use.
  • Easy Customization – Allows you to easily customize the reports by rearranging, adding, or removing the columns and their size.
  • Report Export – Ability to export the reports to CSV, PDF, HTML, RAW, XLS, or XLSX formats.
  • User Friendly – Do complex tasks with few mouse clicks using a simple to use web-based interface.
  • Granular Access Delegation – Allow non-admins to view reports and statistics.
  • Easy Setup – Easy to set up. No prerequisites to install.
  • Auto Update – No maintenance as the tool will automatically update to the latest version.
  • Advanced Scheduling Capabilities – Easily schedule with views & filters, receive the scheduled reports only with the latest information, schedule with preferred column arrangements, etc.
  • Supports Modern Authentication – AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter is the first in the industry to offer complete modern authentication support for connecting Exchange Online and other Office 365 services.

SharePoint Online reports provides information about site collections, users, inactive users, site groups, pages, documents, lists etc.

Site Collection Reports (4 reports):

  • All Site Collections
  • Site Collection Sharing Configurations
  • Site Collection Upgrade Information
  • Sites Over Warning Quota

SharePoint Site Reports (6 reports):

  • All Sites
  • Recently Created Sites
  • Sites without Recycle Bin
  • Site Sharing Configurations
  • Sites with Custom Permission
  • Project Web Apps

Inactive Office 365 Sites Reports (3 reports):

  • Inactive SharePoint Sites by Last Change Time
  • Inactive SharePoint Sites by Last File Activity
  • Inactive SharePoint Sites by Last Page View

SharePoint Site Users (4 reports):

  • SharePoint Users by Sites
  • SharePoint Site Admins
  • SharePoint Guest Users
  • SharePoint Site Owners

Inactive SharePoint Users Reports (5 reports):

  • Inactive SharePoint Users by Last File Accessed Time
  • Inactive SharePoint Users by Last File Synced Time
  • Inactive SharePoint Users by Last External File Sharing
  • Inactive SharePoint Users by Last Internal File Sharing
  • Inactive SharePoint Users by Last Page Accessed Time

SharePoint List Reports (8 reports):

  • All Lists
  • Hidden Lists
  • Inactive Lists
  • Empty Lists
  • List with IRM Enabled
  • Lists with No Versioning
  • List with Attachment Enabled
  • Lists with Custom Permission

Document Libraries (7 reports):

  • All Document Libraries
  • Hidden Documents
  • Inactive Document Libraries
  • Empty Document Libraries
  • Document Libraries with IRM Enabled
  • Document Libraries with No Versioning
  • Document Libraries with Custom Permission

SharePoint Site Groups (4 reports):

  • SharePoint Groups by Sites
  • Security Groups by Sites
  • Empty SharePoint Groups by Sites
  • SharePoint Group Members

SharePoint Daily Activation Summary Reports (8 reports):

  • SharePoint Daily Active Files
  • SharePoint Daily Users
  • SharePoint Users File Access Summary
  • SharePoint Users File Synced Summary
  • SharePoint Users Internal File Sharing Summary
  • SharePoint Users External File Sharing Summary
  • SharePoint Users Page Visit
  • Summary of SharePoint Users by Activity

SharePoint Site Usage Summary Reports (4 reports):

  • Daily Summary of Active Files in SharePoint Sites
  • Daily Summary of SharePoint Page Views
  • Daily Summary of Active Sites
  • Daily Summary of SharePoint Site Usage Storage

Monitoring SPO activities through the SharePoint Online audit log is a tedious job. To ease your work, the tool provides the auditing reports on configuration changes, file accesses, file sharings, access request events, link creations, etc.

Site Collection Changes (5 reports):

  • Site Collections Created
  • Sites Collections Deleted
  • Site Collection Admin Added
  • Site Collection Admin Removed
  • Site Collection Admin Change Request

Site Collection Configuration (7 reports):

  • Site Collections Renamed
  • Sites Collections Swapped
  • Site Collection Quota Modified
  • Site Collection Removed Users/Groups
  • Member’s Sharing Permission Setting Changes
  • Disable Sharing Permission for Non-Owners Using Script
  • Site Sharing Report Creation

SharePoint Service (2 reports):

  • Sign In Event
  • Search Query Performed

SharePoint Policies (4 reports):

  • SharePoint Changed at Site Level
  • Sharing Policy Changed at Tenant Level
  • Device Access Policy Changed at Tenant Level
  • Network Access Policy Changed at Tenant Level

Groups Changes (7 reports):

  • Created SharePoint Groups
  • Updated SharePoint Groups
  • Deleted SharePoint Groups
  • Member Added in SharePoint Groups
  • Member Removed from SharePoint Groups
  • External User Added in SharePoint Groups
  • External User Removed from SharePoint Groups

Access Requests Activities (6 reports):

  • Created Access Requests
  • Accepted Access Requests
  • Denied Access Requests
  • Updated Access Requests
  • Access Request Settings Modified
  • All Access Request Events

Sharing Invitations Activities (8 reports):

  • Created Sharing Invitations
  • Accepted Sharing Invitations
  • Revoked Sharing Invitations
  • Blocked Sharing Invitations
  • Updated Sharing Invitations
  • Changed Guest User Expiration for Sharing Invitations
  • Invitations Shared to External Users
  • All Events Related to Sharing Invitations

  • Created Company Links in SharePoint
  • Removed Company Links in SharePoint
  • SharePoint Resources Accessed Using Company Links
  • All SharePoint Events Related to Company Links

  • Created Anonymous Links in SharePoint
  • Removed Anonymous Links in SharePoint
  • Updated Anonymous Links in SharePoint
  • SharePoint Resources Accessed Using Anonymous Links
  • All SharePoint Events Related to Anonymous Links

  • Created Secure Links in SharePoint
  • Used Secure Links in SharePoint
  • Deleted Secure Links in SharePoint
  • Updated Secure Links in SharePoint
  • Users Added to Secure Links
  • Users Removed from Secure Links

User Share Activities (3 reports):

  • User Shared Files, Folders or Site in SharePoint
  • User Unshared Files, Folder or Site in SharePoint
  • Shared Office Web App Document in SharePoint

File Access Activities (3 reports):

  • Accessed SharePoint Files
  • SharePoint File Access Extended
  • Previewed SharePoint Files

File Management Activities (7 reports):

  • Uploaded SharePoint Files
  • Copied SharePoint Files
  • SharePoint Files Copied Across SharePoint Sites
  • Moved SharePoint Files
  • SharePoint Files Moved Across SharePoint Sites
  • Renamed SharePoint Files
  • Downloaded SharePoint Files

File Deletion and Restore Activities (4 reports):

  • SharePoint File Deleted by User
  • SharePoint File Deleted from First Stage Recycle Bin
  • SharePoint File Deleted from Second Stage Recycle Bin
  • Restored SharePoint Files

File Change Activities (11 reports):

  • Modified SharePoint Files
  • Checked In SharePoint Files
  • Checked Out SharePoint Files
  • Check Out Discarded for SharePoint Files
  • SharePoint File Modification Extended
  • Recycled a SharePoint File Version
  • Recycled All Minor Versions of a File in SharePoint
  • Recycled All Versions of a File in SharePoint
  • Malware Detected for a File
  • Applied/Removed Retention Label from a File
  • All Activities Related to SharePoint Files

All Admin Activities (7 reports):

  • SharePoint Files Accessed by Admins
  • SharePoint Files Previewed by Admins
  • SharePoint Files Downloaded by Admins
  • SharePoint File Deleted Permanently by Script
  • Deleted a SharePoint File Version Permanently by Script
  • SharePoint Document Library Activities
  • All SharePoint File Activities Performed by Admins

Folder Changes (8 reports):

  • Created SharePoint Folders
  • Modified SharePoint Folders
  • Renamed SharePoint Folders
  • Moved SharePoint Folders
  • SharePoint Folders Moved Across SharePoint Sites
  • Copied SharePoint Folders
  • SharePoint Folders Copied Across SharePoint Sites
  • All Activities Related to SharePoint Folders

Folder Deletion and Restoration (5 reports):

  • SharePoint Folder Deleted Permanently by Script
  • SharePoint Folder Deleted by User
  • SharePoint Folder Deleted from First Stage Recycle Bin
  • SharePoint Folder Deleted from Second Stage Recycle Bin
  • Restored SharePoint Folders

Page Changes (7 reports):

  • Viewed SharePoint Pages
  • SharePoint Page Viewing Extended
  • Prefetched SharePoint Pages
  • External User Activities Related to SharePoint Pages
  • View Signaled by Client for Pages
  • All SharePoint Page Comments Related Activities
  • All Activities Related to SharePoint Pages

SharePoint DLP Activities (4 reports):

  • SharePoint DLP Rule Matches
  • SharePoint DLP Rule Detection
  • SharePoint DLP Rule Undo
  • All SharePoint DLP Actions

SharePoint Sensitivity Label Activities (6 reports):

  • Sensitivity Label Applied for SharePoint Files
  • Sensitivity Label Changed for SharePoint Files
  • Sensitivity Label Removed for SharePoint Files
  • Sensitivity Label Applied for SharePoint Site
  • Sensitivity Label Changed for SharePoint Site
  • Sensitivity Label Removed for SharePoint Site

SharePoint Site Permission Changes (5 reports):

  • New Permission Level Added to Site Collection for SharePoint
  • Deleted Permission Level from Site Collection for SharePoint
  • Modified Permission Level Properties on a Site Collection for SharePoint
  • Broke Sharing Inheritance for an Item in SharePoint
  • Deleted Unique Permissions for an Item in SharePoint

SharePoint Hub Site Changes (6 reports):

  • Registered a Hub Site
  • Unregistered a Hub Site
  • Joined a Site to a Hub Site
  • Joined a Site to a Hub Site
  • Enabled Permission Sync for a Hub Site
  • Disabled Permission Sync for a Hub Site

SharePoint Online Analytics Reports (17 reports):

The reports under SharePoint Analytics show statistics information about sites, lists, site groups, sharing capability, document libraries etc.

Usage Analytics Reports (5 reports):

  • Users’ Active Days by File Views/Edits Performed in SharePoint
  • Users’ Active Days by SharePoint File Sync Activity
  • Users’ Active Days by Internal File Sharing in SharePoint
  • Users’ Active Days by External File Sharing in SharePoint
  • Users’ Active Days by SharePoint Pages Visits

Audit Analytics Reports (4 reports):

  • SharePoint File Sharing Activities by Users with User Detail
  • SharePoint Page Activities by Users with User Detail
  • SharePoint File/Folder Access Activities by Users with User Detail
  • SharePoint Management Activities by Users with User Detail

M365 Birds Eye Reports (8 reports):

  • SharePoint Site Analytics
  • SharePoint Online List Analytics
  • SharePoint Online Document Library Analytics
  • Site Group Analytics
  • Group Settings Analytics
  • SharePoint Online Web Analytics
  • SharePoint Online Inactivity
  • SPO Sharing Capability Analytics

SharePoint Online Reporting Tool – Release History:

Apr 01, 2023 – 170+ new reports, 8 new alert policies, dark theme personalization, latest EXO module upgrade, and in-portal updates.

Nov 11, 2022 – Geo maps, Heat maps, 10+ new dashboards, 80+ new reports, and more.

Sep 27, 2021 – Added 115+ new reports, Advanced Alerts, Granular Delegation, 420+ Analytical Reports, AI-powered charts, Categorized Compliance Reports, Report Boards, and lot more.

July 21, 2020 – You can now hide the filter pane in the reports to get extra report-view-area. A visual indicator will be displayed when you hide the filter page with the number of filters applied, on the filter icon.

July 19, 2020 – Office 365 Modern Authentication Support, Manage Multiple Office 365 Tenants, Tenant-based Delegation, Intelligent Filtering in Schedule, Schedule with Views & Filters, Schedule with Preferred Columns, Subscribe Scheduled Reports, 2 New Dashboards, 150+ New Reports.

Dec 17, 2019 – Added an option to quickly copy any value from a report result to clipboard.

Dec 14, 2019 – Global Reader Support, Data Retention Settings, Disk Space Alerting, Activity Alerts Reporting, OneNote Auditing, Microsoft Teams Membership Auditing, 150+ New Reports, and more.

June 20, 2019 – 20+ New Office 365 Reports on Auditing Risky Sign-In Attempts, User Admin Role Changes, File Access Activities by Guest Users, and more.

Feb 27, 2019 – 100+ New Reports on Office 365 Secure Score, MFA/2FA, License Expiry, Password Expiry and more. 2 new Security Dashboards.

June 12, 2018 – 75+ New Exchange Online Reports, 5+ New Dashboards, AI Based Report Search Console and more awesome features.

Feb 27, 2018 – Added 100+ new reports: Inactive Users Report and Usage Reports on Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Pro Plus and more.

Jan 11, 2018 – Added 20+ new reports: Power BI Auditing Reports, Usage & Adoption Analytics.

Dec 19, 2017 – Added 10+ new reports: Microsoft Teams Usage & Adoption Reports, External Users Reports, and more.

Oct 1, 2017 – Added 25+ new SharePoint Online Reports.

Sep 27, 2017 – Added 2 new dashboards: Users & Administrators activities trend, Office 365 Usage & Adoption.

Sep 25, 2017 – Added 15+ new Skype for Business Reports, 10+ General Auditing Reports, Smart Filters

Jun 30, 2017 – Added 30+ new OneDrive for Business Auditing Reports

May 17, 2017 – Added 170+ new Auditing Reports for Azure AD, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online.

You can also download this SharePoint Online reporting tool tool directly from AdminDroid website.

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