Office 365 Auditing Report Tool

This Office 365 auditing tool helps the administrators to visualize the activities happen inside their Office 365 environment in a clear way.

This tool provides more than 500+ out-of-the-box Office 365 auditing reports, which are widely sought after by several Office 365 administrators. These reports provide rich information that is required to monitor user activities, file and shared items efficiently.

The auditing dashboards show the summarized activities performed on Office 365 application such as Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Power BI and Security & Compliance Center.

Using this powerful Microsoft 365 auditing software, IT administrators will not only be able to extract rich Office 365 auditing reports and statistics but can also schedule the reports and have them emailed at selected intervals.


You can Download the tool by clicking here.


Supported Services:

  •  Azure Active Directory (72 reports)
  •  Exchange Online Auditing (62 reports)
  • Email Audit Reports (21 eports)
  •  SharePoint Online Auditing (56 reports)
  •  OneDrive Business Auditing (29 reports)
  • OneNote Audit Activities (6 repots)
  •  Teams Auditing (20 reports)
  •  Power BI Auditing (36 reports)
  • Stream Auditing (41 reports)
  •  Office 365 Activity Alerts Reports (111 reports)
  •  Office 365 Secure Score Reports (62 Reports)
  •  General Auditing (19 reports)


Azure AD Audit Reports(72 reports):

User Logins (8 reports):

  • All User Logins
  • Successful User Logins
  • Failed User Logins
  • User’s Last Logon Time
  • User’s First Logon Time of a Day
  • User’s Daily Login Count Summary
  • User’s Monthly Login Count Summary
  • User’s Daily Login Failure Count Summary


Password Changes (6 reports):

  • Password Reset by Admin
  • User Password Changes
  • Users Reset the Password after Expired or Forced
  • Admin Configured a Setting to Force Change User Password
  • Self Service Password Resets
  • All Password Changes


User Changes(7 reports):

  • Created Users
  • Updated Users
  • Audit Deleted Users
  • License Changes
  • Group based License Changes
  • MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) Enabled
  • All User Administrative Events


Group Changes(8 reports):

  • Created Groups
  • Updated Groups
  • Audit Deleted Groups
  • Group Settings Changes
  • Group License Changes
  • Group Member Changes
  • Group Owner Changes
  • Group Administration

Admin Role Changes (9 reports)

  • User Added to Admin Role
  • User Removed from Admin Role
  • Role Member Changes
  • Role Assignments
  • Directory Role Changes
  • Added Directory Roles
  • Updated Directory Roles
  • Deleted Directory Roles
  • All Role Operations

Application Changes (10 reports)

  • Added Applications
  • Updated Applications
  • Deleted Applications
  • Consent to Applications
  • OAuth2 Permission Grant
  • App Role Assignments
  • Service Principal Changes
  • Credential Changes
  • Delegation Changes
  • All App Operations


Directory Changes (5 reports):

  • Domain Changes
  • Company Information
  • Directory Settings Changes
  • Partner Record
  • All Directory Operations


Policy Changes (6 reports):

  • Added Policies
  • Updated Policies
  • Deleted Policies
  • Default Policy Assignments
  • Policy Credential Removals
  • All Policy Operations


Administrative Unit Changes (5 reports):

  • Added AUs
  • Updated AUs
  • Deleted AUs
  • AUs Member Changes
  • All AU Operations


Device Changes (8 reports):

  • Added Devices
  • Updated Devices
  • Deleted Devices
  • Device Configuration Changes
  • Device Owner Changes
  • Device User Changes
  • Device Credential Changes
  • All Device Operations


Security Audit Reports (34 reports):

Risky Login Attempts (5 reports):

  • Users Failed to Pass the MFA Challenge
  • Failed Logins using Basic Authentication / Legacy Protocols / Legacy Apps
  • Users Tried to Login with Expired Passwords
  • Admins Login Failures
  • Admins Daily Login Failure Summary


Users Added as Admins (25 reports):

  • Users Added to Global Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Global Reader Role
  • Users Added to Exchange Administrator Role
  • Users Added to SharePoint Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Teams Service Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Kaizala Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Skype Administrator Role
  • Users Added to PowerBI Administrator Role
  • User Added to Azure DevOps Authentication Administrator Role
  • User Added to Azure Information Protection Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Privileged Authentication Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Compliance Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Compliance Data Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Search Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Helpdesk Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Billing Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Service Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Printer Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Office Apps Administrator Role
  • Users Added to User Management Administrator Role
  • User Added to Password Administrator Role
  • User Added to External Identity Provider Administrator Role
  • User Added to Group Administrator Role
  • Users Added to Authentication Administrator Role
  • Users Added to License Administrator Role


External User Audit Report (4 reports):

  • Created External Users
  • Updated External Users
  • Audit Deleted External Users
  • External Members Added/Removed from Groups


Exchange Online Auditing Reports (62 reports):

Mailbox Access Activities (5 reports):

  • Mailbox Owner Access
  • Mailbox Non-Owner Access
  • User’s Mailbox Logins
  • Mailbox PowerShell Logins
  • Mailbox Searches


Mailbox Activities (4 reports):

  • Operations on Mail (Delete, Move, Copy…)
  • Bulk Operations on Mails (Delete, Move, Copy…)
  • Mailbox Item Creations
  • Binded Folders


Mailbox Management Activities (11 reports):

  • Added Mailbox
  • Updated Mailbox
  • Removed Mailbox
  • Mailbox Enable/Disable Activities
  • Mailbox Restore Activities
  • Mailbox Configuration Changes
  • Outlook Apps
  • Inbox Features
  • Inbox Rule Changes
  • Create or Update Inbox Rules
  • All Mailbox Operations


Mailbox Permission changes (5 reports):

  • Mailbox Permission Changes
  • Mailbox Folder Changes
  • SendAs Permission Changes
  • Public Folder Permission Changes
  • Folder Permissions


Public Folder Changes(5 reports):

  • Recently Added Public Folders
  • Recently Updated Public Folders
  • Recently Removed Public Folders
  • Activities on Mail Public Folders
  • All Activities on Public Folders


Advanced Threat Protection (8 reports):

  • Safe Attachments Config Changes
  • Safe Link Config Changes
  • Anti-Spam Config Changes
  • Anti-Malware Config Changes
  • Phishing Filter Config Changes
  • Junk Email Config Changes
  • DKIM Config Changes
  • All Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Activities


Role Changes (6 reports):

  • Management Role Changes
  • Role Assignments Changes
  • Role Assignments Policy Changes
  • Role Entry Changes
  • Role Group Changes
  • Exchange Management Role Scope Changes


Groups & Contacts Changes (6 reports):

  • Office 365 Group Changes
  • Distribution Group Changes
  • Dynamic Distribution Group Changes
  • All Group Changes
  • Mail Contact Changes
  • Mail User Changes


Mail Flow Activities (7 reports):

  • Mail Flow Configuration Changes
  • Transport Rule Changes
  • Connector Changes
  • Accepted Domain Configuration
  • Remote Domain Configuration
  • Hybrid Configuration Changes
  • Federation Configuration Changes


Mobile Device Activities (3 reports):

  • Mobile Device Configuration Changes
  • Exchange ActiveSync Configuration Changes
  • Text Message Settings Changes


Exchange DLP Activities (2 reports):

  • DLP Rule Detected Mails
  • Data Loss Prevention Configuration Changes



Email Audit Reports (21 reports):

Email Activities (3 reports):

  • All Mails
  • User’s Send As Activities
  • User’s Send On Behalf Activities


Spam and Malware Mails (4 reports):

  • Spam Mails Sent
  • Spam Mails Received
  • Malware Mails Sent
  • Malware Mails Received


User’s Email Statistics (4 reports):

  • Daily Mail Read/Sent/Received Count by Users
  • Mail Statistics (Read/Sent/Received) Summary of User Mailboxes
  • Daily Exchange Active User Count by Activity
  • Daily Overall User Email Traffic


Overall Email Statistics (4 reports):

  • Top Mail Senders
  • Top Mail Receivers
  • Daily Overall Traffic Summary
  • Daily User Traffic Summary


Spam/Malware Statistics (6 reports):

  • Top Spam Senders
  • Top Spam Receivers
  • Top Malware Senders
  • Top Malware Receivers
  • Top Malwares Received
  • Top Malwares Sent


SharePoint Online Auditing Reports (56 reports):

Site Collection Changes (4 reports):

  • Site Collections Created
  • Site Collection Admin Added
  • Site Collection Admin Removed
  • Site Collection Admin Change Request


Groups Changes(5 reports):

  • Created SharePoint Groups
  • Updated SharePoint Groups
  • Deleted SharePoint Groups
  • Member Added in SharePoint Groups
  • Member Removed from SharePoint Groups


Access Requests Activities (4 reports):

  • Created Access Requests
  • Accepted Access Requests
  • Denied Access Requests
  • All Access Request Events


Sharing Invitations Activities(4 reports):

  • Created Sharing Invitations
  • Accepted Sharing Invitations
  • Revoked Sharing Invitations
  • All Events Related to Sharing Invitations


Company Links Changes(4 reports):

  • Created Company Links in SharePoint
  • Removed Company Links in SharePoint
  • SharePoint Resources Accessed Using Company Links
  • All SharePoint Events Related to Company Links


Anonymous Links Changes (5 reports):

  • Created Anonymous Links in SharePoint
  • Removed Anonymous Links in SharePoint
  • Updated Anonymous Links in SharePoint
  • SharePoint Resources Accessed Using Anonymous Links
  • All SharePoint Events Related to Anonymous Links


User Share Activities (2 reports):

  • User Shared Files, Folders or Site in SharePoint
  • User Unshared Files, Folder or Site in SharePoint


File Changes (12 reports):

  • Accessed SharePoint Files
  • Modified SharePoint Files
  • Uploaded SharePoint Files
  • Downloaded SharePoint Files
  • Renamed SharePoint Files
  • Copied SharePoint Files
  • Moved SharePoint Files
  • Deleted SharePoint Files
  • Restored SharePoint Files
  • Previewed SharePoint Files
  • SharePoint Document Library Activities
  • All Activities Related to SharePoint Files


Folder Changes (8 reports):

  • Created SharePoint Folders
  • Modified SharePoint Folders
  • Renamed SharePoint Folders
  • Moved SharePoint Folders
  • Copied SharePoint Folders
  • Deleted SharePoint Folders
  • Restored SharePoint Folders
  • All Activities Related to SharePoint Folders


Page Changes (5 reports):

  • Viewed SharePoint Pages
  • Moved SharePoint Pages
  • Deleted SharePoint Pages
  • Restored SharePoint Pages
  • All Activities Related to SharePoint Pages


SharePoint DLP Activities (3 reports):

  • SharePoint DLP Rule Matches
  • SharePoint DLP Rule Undo
  • All SharePoint DLP Actions


OneDrive for Business Auditing (29 reports):

Activities on Files (10 reports):

  • Accessed OneDrive Files
  • Modified OneDrive Files
  • Uploaded OneDrive Files
  • Downloaded OneDrive Files
  • Renamed OneDrive Files
  • Copied OneDrive Files
  • Moved OneDrive Files
  • Deleted OneDrive Files
  • Restored OneDrive Files
  • All Activities Related to OneDrive Files


Activities on Folders (8 reports):

  • Created OneDrive Folders
  • Modified OneDrive Folders
  • Renamed OneDrive Folders
  • Moved OneDrive Folders
  • Copied OneDrive Folders
  • Deleted OneDrive Folders
  • Restored OneDrive Folders
  • All Activities Related to OneDrive Folders


Company Link Activities (4 reports):

  • Created Company Links in OneDrive
  • Removed Company Links in OneDrive
  • OneDrive Resources Accessed Using Company Links
  • All OneDrive Events Related to Company Links


Anonymous Link Activities (5 reports):

  • Created Anonymous Links in OneDrive
  • Removed Anonymous Links in OneDrive
  • Updated Anonymous Links in OneDrive
  • OneDrive Resources Accessed Using Anonymous Links
  • All OneDrive Events Related to Anonymous Links


User’s Sharing Activities (2 reports):

  • User Shared Files or Folders in OneDrive
  • User Unshared Files or Folder in OneDrive


OneNote Audit Activities (6 reports):

OneNote Activities (4 reports):

  • Created Notes
  • Accessed Notes
  • Uploaded Notes
  • Modified Notes


OneNote Section Activities (2 reports):

  • Section Accessed
  • Section Modified


Power BI Auditing Reports (36 reports):

General Power BI Reports(9 reports):

  • Power BI Management Actions
  • Sharing Activities on Power BI Dashboards and Reports
  • Viewing Activities on Power BI Dashboards, Reports and Usage Metrics
  • Opt-In for Power BI Pro Trial
  • Activities on Power BI Dashboards
  • Activities on Power BI Reports
  • Activities on Power BI Apps
  • Activities on Power BI Datasets
  • Activities on PowerBI Dataflows


Activities on Power BI Dashboards (7 reports)

  • Recently Created Power BI Dashboards
  • Recently Deleted Power BI Dashboards
  • Recently Edited Power BI Dashboards
  • Recently Viewed Power BI Dashboards
  • Recently Shared Power BI Dashboards
  • Recently Printed Power BI Dashboards
  • Recently Exported Power BI Dashboards


Activities on Power BI Reports (9 reports)

  • Recently Created Power BI Reports
  • Recently Deleted Power BI Reports
  • Recently Edited Power BI Reports
  • Recently Viewed Power BI Reports
  • Recently Published Power BI Reports
  • Recently Shared Power BI Reports
  • Recently Printed Power BI Reports
  • Recently Exported Power BI Reports
  • Recently Downloaded Power BI Reports


Activities on Power BI Datasets (5 reports):

  • Recently Created Power BI Datasets
  • Recently Deleted Power BI Datasets
  • Recently Edited Power BI Datasets
  • Power BI Dataset Refresh Requested
  • Power BI Dataset Refresh Setup


Activities on Power BI Dataflows (6 reports):

  • Recently Created Power BI Dataflows
  • Recently Updated Power BI Dataflows
  • Recently Viewed Power BI Dataflows
  • Power BI Dataflow Refresh Requested
  • Power BI Dataflow Refresh Setup
  • Power BI Dataflow Refresh Cancelled


Teams Auditing Reports (20 reports):

Login & Settings (2 reports):

  • Teams Login Activities
  • Teams Settings Changes


Teams & Channel Management Activities (2 reports):

  • Teams Activities
  • Channel Activities


AddOn Management (4 reports):

  • All AddOn Activities
  • Activities on Bot
  • Activities on Connector
  • Activities on Tab


Teams Member Changes Report (6 reports):

  • Members Added in Teams
  • Members Removed in Teams
  • Owner Added to Teams
  • Owner Removed from Teams
  • Ownership Promoted in Teams
  • Ownership Demoted in Teams


Private Channel Member Changes Report (6 reports):

  • Members Added in Private Channels
  • Members Removed in Private Channels
  • Owner Added to Private Channels
  • Owner Removed from Private Channels
  • Ownership Promoted in Private Channels
  • Ownership Demoted in Private Channels


Stream Audit Reports (41 reports):

Teams Recording Events (4 reports):

  • Teams Call and Meeting Recordings Created in Stream
  • Teams Call and Meeting Recordings Uploaded in Stream
  • Teams Meeting Record Shared to Owners
  • Teams Meeting Record Shared to Viewers


Live Events (4 reports):

  • Stream Live Events Broadcasted
  • Stream Live Events Started Ingesting
  • Stream Live Events Stopped Ingesting
  • All Stream Live Event Operations


Video Events (10 reports):

  • Stream Videos Created
  • Stream Videos Modified
  • Stream Videos Uploaded
  • Stream Videos Deleted
  • Stream Videos Deleted from RecycleBin
  • Stream Videos Restored
  • Stream Meeting Sharing Link Created
  • Stream Videos Thumbnail Uploaded
  • Stream Videos Trimmed
  • All Stream Videos Operations


Video Engagement Events (6 reports):

  • Stream Videos Viewed
  • Stream Video Shared
  • Stream Videos Downloaded
  • Stream Videos Like actions
  • Stream Videos Comment actions
  • All Engagement Events


Video Text Track Events (4 reports):

  • Stream Text Track Uploaded
  • Stream Text Track Modified
  • Stream Text Track Deleted
  • All Stream Text Track Operations


Channel Events (5 reports):

  • Stream Channel Created
  • Stream Channel Modified
  • Stream Thumbnail Uploaded
  • Stream Channel Deleted
  • All Stream Channel Operations


Group Events (6 reports):

  • Stream Group Created
  • Stream Group Modified
  • Stream Group Deleted
  • Stream Admin Role Changes
  • Stream Member Role Changes
  • All Stream Groups Operations


Settings based Events (2 reports):

  • Stream Tenant Setting Changes
  • Stream User Setting Changes


Office 365 Activity Alerts Reports (111 reports):

Overall Alerts (2 reports):

  • All Alerts on User Activities
  • All Triggered Alert Policies


Daily Summary (3 reports):

  • Daily Summary of User Alerts
  • Daily Summary of User Alerts by Activity
  • Daily Summary of User Alerts by Activity Type


All User Summary (8 reports)

  • Alerts Summary by Users
  • User Alerts Summary by Activity
  • User Alerts Summary by Activity Type
  • User Alerts Summary by Policy Name
  • User Alerts Summary by Severity Status
  • User Alerts Summary by Category
  • User Alerts Summary by Creation Type
  • User Alerts Summary by System Policy


External User Summary (8 reports):

  • Alerts Summary by External Users
  • External User Alerts Summary by Activity
  • External User Alerts Summary by Activity Type
  • External User Alerts Summary by Policy Name
  • External User Alerts Summary by Severity Status
  • External User Alerts Summary by Category
  • External User Alerts Summary by Policy Type
  • External User Alerts Summary by System Policy


General Activities (12 reports):

  • Alerts on Mail Forward/Redirection Rule Creation
  • Alerts on External File Sharing
  • Alerts on External User File Activity
  • Alerts on DLP Policy Match
  • Alerts on eDiscovery Search/Export
  • Alerts on Mailbox Permission Granting
  • Alerts on Exchange Admin Permission Granting
  • Alerts on User Reported an Email
  • Alerts on Malware Detection in File
  • Alerts on File/Folder Sharing
  • Alerts on File/Folder Activity
  • Alerts on File/Folder Changes


File and Folder Alerts (12 reports):

  • Alerts on File Access
  • Alerts on File Deletion
  • Alerts on File Downloading
  • Alerts on File Copying
  • Alerts on File Modification
  • Alerts on Moving File
  • Alerts on Renaming File
  • Alerts on Restoring File
  • Alerts on File Check-in
  • Alerts on File Check-out
  • Alerts on File Check-out Discarding
  • Alerts on File Uploading


File Sharing Alerts (12 reports):

  • Alerts on File/Folder/Site Sharing
  • Alerts on Sharing Invitation Creation
  • Alerts on Sharing Invitation Acceptance
  • Alerts on Access Request Creation
  • Alerts on Access Request Acceptance
  • Alerts on Access Request Denial
  • Alerts on Company Shareable Link Creation
  • Alerts on Company Shareable Link Removal
  • Alerts on Anonymous Link Creation
  • Alerts on Anonymous Link Usage
  • Alerts on Anonymous Link Update
  • Alerts on Anonymous Link Removal


Site Administration Alerts (22 reports)

  • Alerts on User-Agent Additions in the SharePoint Admin Center
  • Alerts on User Agents Changes in the SharePoint Admin Center
  • Alerts on Enabling Document Preview for a Site
  • Alerts on Enabling Legacy Workflow for a Site
  • Alerts on Enabling Office on Demand for a Site
  • Alerts on Enabling RSS Feeds for a Site
  • Alerts on Site Collection Creation
  • Alerts on New Site Collection Admin
  • Alerts on Site Admin Permission Requests
  • Alerts on Changing a Sharing Policy for SharePoint
  • Alerts on Updating People Search Source for a Site
  • Alerts on Setting Host Site for OneDrive
  • Alerts on Renaming SharePoint Site
  • Alerts on Granting Users for Group Creation
  • Alerts on Sent to Connection Creation in SharePoint
  • Alerts on Sent to Connection Deletion in SharePoint
  • Alerts on New of User/Group in SharePoint
  • Alerts on SharePoint Group Creation
  • Alerts on SharePoint Group Deletion
  • Alerts on SharePoint Group Setting Changes
  • Alerts on Group Permission Modification for a Site
  • Alerts on Group Member Removal in SharePoint Group


Site Synchronization Alerts (6 reports):

  • Alerts on User Establishes Site to Computer Sync
  • Alerts on User Blocked to Sync a Site to Computer
  • Alerts on Downloading a File by Syncing
  • Alerts on Downloading File Changes by Syncing
  • Alerts on Uploading a File by Syncing
  • Alerts on Uploading File Changes by Syncing


External Users (4 reports):

  • Alerts on All External User Activities
  • Alerts on External User Common Activities
  • Alerts on External User File and Folder Activities
  • Alerts on External User File Sharing Activities


Daily Summary (2 reports):

  • Daily Summary of Alerts by Activity
  • Daily Summary of Alerts by Activity Type


Trigger Summary (7 reports):

  • Overall Alerts Summary by Activity
  • Overall Alerts Summary by Activity Type
  • Overall Alerts Summary by Policy Name
  • Overall Alerts Summary by Severity Status
  • Overall Alerts Summary by Category
  • Overall Alerts Summary by Creation Type
  • Overall Alerts Summary by System Policy


Alert Severity (4 reports):

  • Alerts on High Severity
  • Alerts on Medium Severity
  • Alerts on Low Severity
  • Alerts on Informational Events


Alert Category (6 reports):

  • Alerts on Data Loss Prevention
  • Alerts on Threat Management
  • Alerts on Data Governance
  • Alerts on Permissions
  • Alerts on Mail Flow
  • Alerts on Uncategorized Activities


Policy Type (3 reports):

  • Alerts Triggered by Default Alert Policies
  • Alerts Triggered by User Created Alert Policies
  • All Alerts Triggered by Alert Policies


Office 365 Secure Score Reports (62 reports):

Overall Secure Score(5 reports):

  • Tenant’s Overall Score Trend
  • Security Settings Daily Scores
  • Security Settings Recent Scores
  •  Security Settings Scored Zero
  •  Security Settings Scored Full


MFA Score (2 reports):

  • Admin MFA Score Trend
  • User MFA Score Trend


MDM Score (14 reports):

  • MFA Registration Score Trend
  • Enable Mobile Device Management
  • Manage Email Profile in MDM
  • Device Encryption in MDM
  • Disallow Jail Broken Devices in MDM
  • Policy to Report Violations
  • Inactivity Locking
  • Wipe on Multiple Sign-in Failure
  • Alpha Numeric Password in MDM
  • Minimum Password Length in MDM
  • Use Complex Password in MDM
  • Disable Password Expiry in MDM
  • Password Re-use in MDM
  • Password to Unlock Mobile in MDM


Intune Score (17 reports):

  • Enable Intune MDM
  • Windows Defender ATP Integration
  • Mark Non-compliant Devices using Intune
  • Jailbreak Detection in Intune
  • Windows Information Protection Policy
  • iOS Compliance Policy in Intune
  • iOS App Compliance Policy in Intune
  • Intune Configuration Profile for iOS
  • Android Compliance Policy in Intune
  • Android App Compliance Policy in Intune
  • Intune Configuration Profile for Android
  • Android Work Compliance Policy in Intune
  • Intune Configuration Profile for Android Work
  • Windows Compliance Policy in Intune
  • Intune Configuration Profile for Windows
  •  Mac OS Compliance Policy in Intune
  • Intune Configuration Profile for Mac OS


Azure AD Score (12 reports):

  • Sign-in Risk Policy
  • User Risk Policy
  • Legacy Authentication
  • Self Service Password Reset
  • Alternate Contact Information for Users
  • Inactive Accounts
  • More than One Admin
  • Many Admins
  • Designate Non-global Administrative Roles
  • 3rd Party App Integration Permission for Users
  • Password Hash Sync
  • TLS Deprecation


Exchange Score (4 reports):

  • Mailbox Auditing Score Trend
  • Disable Mailbox Delegation
  • Enable Safe Attachment Policies in ATP
  • Enable Safe Links Policies in ATP


SharePoint Score (4 reports):

  • Apply IRM Protections
  • External Sharing Expiration
  • Versioning for Document Libraries
  • Anonymous Access


OneDrive Score (1 report):

  • Adopt OneDrive for Business


General Settings (3 reports):

  • Customer Lock Box
  • Cloud App Security
  • Data Loss Prevention Policies


General Auditing (19 reports):

Overall Activities (5 reports):

  • All Activities
  • Activities by Admins
  • All Failed Activities
  • Top Activity Summary
  • Daily Activity Summary


O365 Workload Based Activities (9 reports):

  • All Azure AD Activities
  • All Exchange Activities
  • All SharePoint Activities
  • All OneDrive Activities
  • All OneNote Activities
  • All PowerBI Activities
  • All Teams Activities
  • All Stream Activities
  • All Security & Compliance Activities


Sharing & Access Activities (5 reports):

  • All File/Folder Sharing Activities
  • All File/Folder Access Activities
  • Anonymous User Activities
  • External User Activities
  • Guest User Activities


Office 365 Analytics Reports (53 reports):

Users (5 reports):

  • Users
  •  External Users Count by their Domain
  • Admins
  • Global Admins
  • Admins by Role


Groups (3 reports):

  • Groups
  • Security Groups
  • Distribution Groups


Licenses (3 reports):

  • Users by Licenses
  • Users with Security Licenses
  • Licenses by Assigned Count


Subscriptions (7 reports):

  • Subscription Usage
  • Enabled Subsciption
  • Warning Subscription
  • Suspended Subscription
  • Purchased Subscription
  • Trial Subscriptions
  • Free Subscriptions


Password (3 reports):

  • Users by Password Settings
  • Password Expiry Status of Users
  • Password Never Changed Users


MFA (3 reports):

  • Users by MFA Status
  • Users with Default MFA Methods
  • Users with Configured MFA Methods


Mailboxes (9 reports):

  • Current Month Email Traffic
  • Mailbox Usage
  • Inactive Mailboxes
  • Mailbox Quota
  • Protocol Enabled Mailboxes
  • Mailboxes on Hold
  • Mailbox Forwarding
  • Out of Office Email Settings
  • Mailbox Properties


Mailbox Auditing (4 reports):

  • Mailbox Auditing
  • Admin Audit Enabled Mailboxes
  • Delegate Audit Enabled Mailboxes
  • Owner Audit Enabled Mailboxes


SharePoint (8 reports):

  • SharePoint Site Collections
  • SharePoint Lists
  • SharePoint Document Libraries
  • SharePoint Site Groups
  • SharePoint Group Settings
  • SharePoint Sites
  • SharePoint Inactivity
  • SharePoint Sharing Capabilities


Teams (8 reports):

  • Teams
  • Settings on Apps,Connectors and Tabs
  • Team and Channel Mentioning Settings
  • Teams Fun Stuff Settings
  • Teams Message Edit/Delete Settings
  • Teams Member Permissions
  • Teams Guest Permissions
  • Other Teams Configurations



Office 365 Auditing Tool – Dashboards:

The auditing dashboards provide the summary view of the auditing events in different dimensions and you can navigate these dimensions just by few mouse clicks.

It gives the weekly, monthly and daily activities trend along with the top 10 activities in each Office 365 applications. This allows admins to verify any abnormal increase in the number of activities performed in their tenant.

There is a dedicated dashboard given for monitoring the failed activities so that admin can get a clear overview of failed events and they can analyze the root causes of those activities and fix them as earliest.

user activity dashboard Office 365 auditing tool

Office 365 auditing reporting tool

Office 365 audit dashboard


Reporting Capabilities Highlights:

This Office 365 Auditing tool comes with advanced reporting capabilities which make tedious reporting task to an easier one.
  • Automatic Schedule –  Schedule one or more reports to run automatically at the configured time and delivered straight to your preferred mail-ids.
  • Rich Filters – Apply filter on any columns to see only the required information and save the filter for future use.
  • Easy Customization – Allow you to easily customize the reports by rearranging, adding or removing the columns and its size.
  • Report Export – Ability to export the reports to CSV, PDF, HTML, RAW, XLS or XLSX.
  • User Friendly – Do complex tasks with few mouse clicks using a simple to use web-based interface.
  • Non-admin Delegation – Allow non-admins to view reports and statistics.
  • Easy Setup – Easy to set up. No prerequisites to install.
  • Auto Update – No maintenance as the product will automatically update to latest version.
  • Advanced Scheduling Capabilities – Easily schedule with views & filters, receive the scheduled reports only with the latest information, schedule with preferred column arrangements, etc.


Release Updates:

July 21, 2020 – You can now hide the filter pane in the reports to get extra report-view-area. A visual indicator will be displayed when you hide the filter page with the number of filters applied, on the filter icon.

July 19, 2020 – Office 365 Modern Authentication Support, Manage Multiple Office 365 Tenants, Tenant-based Delegation, Intelligent Filtering in Schedule, Schedule with Views & Filters, Schedule with Preferred Columns, Subscribe Scheduled Reports, 2 New Dashboards, 150+ New Reports.

Dec 17, 2019 – Added an option to quickly copy any value from a report result to clipboard.

Dec 14, 2019 – Global Reader Support, Data Retention Settings, Disk Space Alerting, Activity Alerts Reporting, OneNote Auditing, Microsoft Teams Membership Auditing, 150+ New Reports, and more.

June 20, 2019 – 20+ New Office 365 Reports on Auditing Risky Sign-In Attempts, User Admin Role Changes, File Access Activities by Guest Users, and more.

Feb 27, 2019 – 100+ New Reports on Office 365 Secure Score, MFA/2FA, License Expiry, Password Expiry and more. 2 new Security Dashboards.

June 12, 2018 – 75+ New Exchange Online Reports, 5+ New Dashboards, AI Based Report Search Console and more awesome features.

Feb 27, 2018 – Added 100+ new reports: Inactive Users Report and Usage Reports on Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Pro Plus and more.

Jan 11, 2018 – Added 20+ new reports: Power BI Auditing Reports, Usage & Adoption Analytics.

Dec 19, 2017 – Added 10+ new reports: Microsoft Teams Usage & Adoption Reports, External Users Reports, and more.

Oct 1, 2017 – Added 25+ new SharePoint Online Reports.

Sep 27, 2017 – Added 2 new dashboards: Users & Administrators activities trend, Office 365 Usage & Adoption.

Sep 25, 2017 – Added 15+ new Skype for Business Reports, 10+ General Auditing Reports, Smart Filters

Jun 30, 2017 – Added 30+ new OneDrive for Business Auditing Reports

May 17, 2017 – Added 170+ new Auditing Reports for Azure AD, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online.


This Microsoft 365 Auditing Reporting tool originally published in Microsoft’s TechNet gallery. Since the TechNet gallery is under deprecation, you can download this tool from AdminDroid site directly.