March 7, 2024

New Troubleshooting Options in MS Exchange : Quick Fixes & Collect Logs

by Sudha

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Among the suite of Microsoft 365 services, Exchange Online is the spotlight, elevating your organization’s productivity and collaboration to new heights. However, due to its extensive user base, a wide array of issues arises. Users often report various problems, mentioning:

  1. “I can’t log in to OWA.”
  2. “I can’t open my calendar.”
  3. “I’m unable to change any settings in Outlook.”

Administrators often need to allocate separate time for in-depth analysis to address these challenges. But don’t worry anymore! To ease this burden, Microsoft is rolling out two troubleshooting workflows to swiftly resolve these common issues and enhance Microsoft 365 security. Let’s explore what they are!

Current Method : Troubleshoot Exchange Issues with Self-help Diagnosis Feature

Currently, troubleshooting Exchange Online issues involves utilizing the self-help diagnostic feature available in the Exchange admin center. This feature is designed to aid users in diagnosing and resolving issues with Exchange Online and Outlook. It functions through text analysis, providing insights and step-by-step instructions to resolve identified issues.

However, one limitation of this feature is its lack of capability to take action. While it offers guidance on resolving problems, it does not execute any automatic actions to resolve the issue promptly. This drawback necessitates manual intervention by administrators or users to implement the suggested fixes.

New Troubleshooting Options in Exchange Admin Center

To address the above limitation, Microsoft gives you the solution in the latest message center news MC716665. Yes, Microsoft started rolling out two troubleshooting options aimed at automatically taking action and providing additional information before contacting support.

Find and Fix Exchange Issues with ‘Quick Fixes’ Workflows

The Quick fixes option in the Exchange admin center comprises workflows designed to fix common issues in Exchange Online efficiently. Each workflow provides detailed information about the actions it will perform and the specific issue it aims to resolve.

What are the Quick Fixes Workflows Currently Available?

During this initial phase, the Quick fixes option in the Exchange admin center offers support for quickly resetting Outlook on the Web (OWA) settings to resolve login and calendar issues.

The “Reset OWA settings” workflow, when triggered, deletes the specified users’ OWA and calendar settings. Subsequently, affected users will need to reconfigure their settings in OWA at a later time.

This action is particularly beneficial for users experiencing troubles with calendar access and OWA login. By initiating the reset of OWA settings, administrators can swiftly address these issues and ensure that users regain access to their calendars and OWA functionality.

Investigate M365 Exchange Issues with ‘Collect Logs’ Workflows

The Collect logs workflows in the Exchange admin center is a valuable diagnostic option for administrators to effectively troubleshoot unexpected issues. These workflows execute multiple cmdlets and provides aggregated information, which can be downloaded and saved locally as logs for further investigation.

What are the Collect Logs Workflows Currently Available?

Currently, this Collect logs option is useful in diagnosing issues with resource mailboxes that may be functioning in unexpected ways or issues with meeting updates. When triggered, the Collect logs workflow exports the settings and configurations of resource mailboxes and calendar settings in logs.

New Troubleshooting option in MS Exchange -collect logs

These logs serve as a comprehensive source of information for independent investigation. In cases where the issue persists or further assistance is required, administrators can utilize these logs to provide additional context when contacting support. This enhances the efficiency of issue resolution by providing support teams with detailed insights into the problem at hand.

Hope this blog brings you more information about the new troubleshooting options in the Exchange admin center. Along with these troubleshooting options, Microsoft introduces features like High Volume Email in the new EAC for Exchange Online management. It’s important to stay updated with these changes and features. Furthermore, feel free to reach out to us in the comment section for any assistance needed.

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