Zero-Hour Auto Purge (ZAP) in Microsoft Teams

Today, over 270 million people use Microsoft Teams, as it is an efficient collaborative platform. With this increase in users, malware and phishing attacks also sneak into the peak. In these hybrid work environments, all we need is strong security for our collaborative platforms, right? Therefore, Microsoft started to equip Teams with several strong security measures, and now in the list, Microsoft introduced a ‘Zero-hour auto purge for Microsoft Teams. ZAP behaves as an extra layer of defense to safeguard Teams users and protect against potential security threats. 

Let’s dive deeper into this blog to know how ZAP in Microsoft Teams effectively helps in message protection.


Enhancements to Microsoft Teams’ Security 

Microsoft has taken several steps to enhance message protection in Teams to ensure the security of sensitive information. And some of them are, 

Safe links-Microsoft introduced safe links in Microsoft Teams to scan every incoming URL shared in group chats and Teams’ conversations. Once a suspicious URL is detected, it prevents the users from entering the spam website and protects the end users from ransomware attacks. 

Report malicious messagesAlso, Microsoft offers users the ability to report messages in Microsoft Teams immediately. When users report a message, the security team gets notified and can review the reported message through Microsoft 365 Defender. 

Zero-hour auto purge– Sophisticated cyber-attacks can rapidly propagate across an entire organization, causing widespread damage and compromising sensitive data. In this situation, the speed at which the SecOps unit can respond is somewhat difficult. So, Microsoft now brought zero-hour auto purge to Microsoft Teams. This new security feature will greatly enhance Microsoft Teams’ security and make it even more secure.   


What is Zero-hour Auto Purge? 

This protective feature is already showing its real-time email protection in Exchange Online. Zero-hour auto purge in Exchange Online is a security feature that detects phishing, spam, and malware messages after they’ve landed in your inbox. 

ZAP is a feature in Exchange Online Protection (EOP) that scans users’ messages and automatically quarantines or blocks malicious emails from a user’s inbox in real time. Now, this has been brought to Microsoft Teams too! Therefore, let’s see how it aids every Teams user in the following section. 


Zero-hour Auto Purge in Microsoft Teams 

We all know that most of the sensitive data and business-critical data are shared via Microsoft Teams. That’s why this Microsoft Teams becomes an eye-catching thing for the attackers! And, now the Zero-hour auto purge in Microsoft Teams comes as a secondhand to rescue everyone!  

Note: Unlike Exchange Online, ZAP is available only for users with Microsoft Defender for Office 365 E5 and Defender for Office P2 subscriptions to enhance Teams web/client security. 

If a Teams chat is identified as malicious after delivery, ZAP will scan the entire Teams environment and quarantine the relevant messages with similar threat indicators. Subsequently, the security teams will further analyze the quarantined messages to take necessary actions and safeguard the organization. Moreover, this message is blocked for both the recipient and the sender.

Zero-hour auto purge (ZAP) detects high confidence phishing and malware messages and it immediately blocks and quarantine these malicious messages. 

When ZAP removes a message in Microsoft Teams, it’ll automatically show the message in the below format for both the sender and receiver. 

Recipient view for ZAP in Microsoft teams

Point to remember: ZAP only applies to messages in Team’s chat and in meetings within the organization.


Benefits of having ZAP in Microsoft Teams 

Having ZAP in Microsoft Teams can help improve user safety and protect against potential security threats. Some of the key benefits are, 

Automated response: ZAP can automatically respond to malicious message threats and take response action, such as quarantining the message, notifying the security team, thereby reducing the risk of accidental or intentional data sharing is significantly reduced. 

Enhance user’s security: ZAP prevent users from clicking on links or downloading attachments that could potentially contain malwares. 

Data protection: ZAP in Microsoft Teams helps to maintain control over sensitive data and prevent data leaks, while also complying with data protection regulations and it also reduces the amount of time users spend dealing with spam and other unwanted messages. 


Knock Out Phishing Attacks with ZAP! 

In a nutshell, by integrating ZAP with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft has taken a proactive approach to protect user data and prevent cyber-attacks. Therefore, start implementing Microsoft Teams security best practices right now, to ensure that hackers cannot get a chance to compromise your sensitive resources. 

By the way, don’t stop here! Updated with more advanced security measures and a new look, the new Microsoft Teams is now available in preview. Check it out now!