Get List of All Teams a User Is Member Of

Until recently, it was difficult for admins to get a list of Teams a user was a member of in an organization. Admins would have to manually check every Teams group or would have to use PowerShell to find the list of Teams a user was in. It also made things harder for admins who had limited knowledge of PowerShell. 

However, that will not be the case anymore. Microsoft has launched a new update that will show a list of all Teams the user is a member of in the Teams admin center. This integration makes it very easy to see all the Teams a user is a member of as it was previously not possible without PowerShell. 


How to View List of Joined Teams per User: 

To view the list of Teams a user is a member of in Teams Admin Center, perform the following steps: 

  • Go to Teams Admin Center. 
  • Click on Users>Manage Users. 
  • Select any user. This will open the User Detail page. 
  • Now click on the Teams tab. You can now view all the teams that the user is a part of. 

As per MC332869, this feature has been launched and is available for use in all tenants.  

Get a list of all teams user is member of in Teams admin center


Get All Teams a User Is a Member of Using PowerShell: 

Some admins might still prefer to use PowerShell to get a list of Teams a user is a member of. So, just to make things convenient for them, here is how you can get a list of all Teams a user is in using PowerShell: 

  1. Firstly, connect to Microsoft Teams.
  2. You can use the cmdlet Get-Team, which shows all Teams a user is a member of when used with the proper attribute. 


This can be used to show all the Teams the user(AdeleV) is a member of. 

Shows the list of all teams a user belongs to in PowerShell

Note: You can download the PowerShell script to generate Teams reports on all the Teams in an organization, all members and owners in a Team, and more.

Doesn’t this feel convenient? How do you feel about this new feature? Share your thoughts in the comment section.